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Air India checked baggage allowance

Discover everything you need to know about Air India checked baggage allowance, dimensions, weight, excess fees, and policy.

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Air India domestic checked baggage allowance:

Are you surfing through current Air India domestic check-in luggage policy? Here we provide with the details about the ongoing Air India checked luggage limits 2020-2021 in this article.

Baggage allowances may vary according to route and cabin class. And also with seasonal fares and frequent flyers.

Cabin class/FlightBaggage Allowance
First Class40 Kgs
Business Class35 Kgs
Economy Class25 kgs
Infants in all classes10 Kgs
Alliance Air flights ( except Shimla/Kullu) ( Aircraft types - ATR)*15 Kgs
Alliance Air flights to/from Shimla / Kullu*10 Kgs


  • A passenger travelling on Air India domestic sector and connecting to Air India International sector or vice versa on the same ticket, the Free Baggage Allowance of the International sector will be applicable.
  • Gold Member of Star Alliance can avail with an additional 20 Kg of baggage allowance in Economy Class
  • Members of Premium Club and Flying Returns’ members have additional baggage allowance, under time to time notification, over the same.
  •  1 collapsible stroller/carrycot/infant car seat can accompany, when traveling with an infant.
  • The maximum weight permissible for a single piece of baggage is 32 kg. This rule is applicable to the entire Air India network.
  • Passengers dependent on a wheelchair travelling with a fully collapsible wheelchair is to be stored in the aircraft hold. And the same is retrievable at the Boarding Gate.
  • And also an additional baggage allowance, applicable up to 15 kg (only for the weight of the wheelchair). Moreover, this is at free of charge as per DGCA guidelines. No other item can be clubbed with the weight of a wheelchair for free baggage.

Air India international checked baggage allowance:

Passengers travelling in an international flight has different check-in baggage allowance depending on the destination you travel to. In common, First class passengers can take up to 40 kg (88 lbs). Then, the business class people can carry up to 30 kg (66 lbs). Where the economy class passengers can take 20 kg (44 lbs) baggage.

Whereas in some cases, Apple Mac book Pro and Samsung Galaxy note 7 are not taken on board with any of your baggage. As they are banned in some countries and called off in others due to heat generating nature that are not safe in flights.

Air India USA and Canada Checked Baggage Allowances:

However to add with, no pets can travel in Air India’s non stop flights especially From India to USA. Except for service dogs accompanying blind or deaf passengers. They can travel with no fees on tickets. Another key point is, in-flight entertainment and meals are complimentary.

Journey OriginDestinationEconomyBusinessFirst
IndiaUSA/Canada2Pc/23Kgs/50lbs Each2Pc/32Kgs/70lbs Each2Pc/32Kgs/70lbs Each
USA/CanadaIndia2Pc/23Kgs/50lbs Each2Pc/32Kgs/70lbs Each2Pc/32Kgs/70lbs Each

Air India Baggage Dimensions for First and Business:

The sum of the 3 dimensions (length + breadth + height) must not exceed 62 inches or 158 centimeters for each piece.

Notably, the maximum weight permissible for a single piece of baggage is 32 kg or 70 pounds.

Air India Baggage Dimensions for Economy:

The sum of the 3 dimensions (length + breadth + height) should not exceed 107 inches or 273 cm. Whereas the linear dimension of each piece should not exceed 62 inches.

Specified that, the weight of each bag must not exceed 50 pounds or 23 Kg.

Infant Baggage Allowance and Dimensions in all classes:

One (1) piece of checked baggage as long as the dimensions (length x breadth x height) not exceeding 45 inches/115 cm. Additionally, one collapsible stroller/carry cot/infant car seat can accompany, subject to availability of space. Infants are not entitled to a carry-on bag. An infant can avail with 10 kg (22 lbs) of baggage allowance in all flights.

One (1) additional piece as per cabin class on India, USA/Canada (on AI operated routes) and VV route including the AI members. To point out, the members include AI Maharajah Club, AI Golden Edge Club, AI Silver Edge Club, Star Alliance Gold members too.

Travelling to and from Saudi Arabia:

Journey OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive Class 
IndiaRiyadh30 Kgs40 Kgs
RiyadhIndia40 Kgs50 Kgs
RiyadhKochi / Thiruvananthapuram50 Kgs55 Kgs
RiyadhMumbai / Delhi45 Kgs55 Kgs
IndiaDammam30 Kgs40 Kgs
DammamIndia40 Kgs50 Kgs
IndiaJeddah40 Kgs50 Kgs
Jeddah to Kochi/ Hyderabad (Return travel)
45 Kgs50 Kgs
Jeddah to Mumbai/Delhi ( Return travel)40 Kgs50 Kgs
Jeddah to Mumbai/Delhi ( Oneway travel)40 Kgs50 Kgs
Jeddah to Kochi/ Hyderabad (Oneway travel)45 Kgs50 Kgs

Travelling to and from Gulf and Middle East:

Journey OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive Class
30 KGS40 KGS
DubaiKochi40 KGS50 KGS
DubaiBengaluru/Vishakapatnam40 KGS50 KGS
DubaiGoa/Delhi40 KGS50 KGS
DubaiMumbai40 KGS50 KGS
DubaiChennai/Hyderabad40 KGS50 KGS
DubaiKozhikode40 KGS50 KGS
DubaiKolkata40 KGS50 KGS
DubaiIndore40 KGS50 KGS
SharjahKozhikode40 KGS50 KGS
SharjahThiruvananthapuram/Chennai30 KGS40 KGS
KuwaitIndia30 KGS40 KGS
KuwaitMumbai40 KGS50 KGS
KuwaitChennai/Hyderabad/Ahmedabad/Goa40 KGS50 KGS
MuscatDelhi/Mumbai/Chennai/Hyderabad/Bengaluru40 KGS50 KGS
MuscatIndia30 KGS40 KGS
MuscatMumbai40 KGS50 KGS
AbudhabiIndia30 KGS40 KGS
AbudhabiMumbai40 KGS40 KGS
BahrainIndia30 KGS40 KGS
NajafIndia30 KGS40 KGS
Dubai/Sharjah/ AbudhabiEurope /UK/ USA2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32Kgs Each
Dubai/Sharjah/ AbudhabiFar East & South East Asia /SAARC30 Kg40 Kg
KuwaitFar East & South East Asia30 Kg40 Kg
MuscatEurope / UK / USA2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32Kgs Each
MuscatFar East & South East Asia /SAARC30 Kg40 Kg
BahrainEurope / UK /TelAviv/USA2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32Kgs Each
BahrainFar East & South East Asia /SAARC30 Kg40 Kg

Flights  to and from Europe / UK / Israel:

Journey OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive Class
IndiaEurope/ UK/ Israel2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each
Europe/ UK/ IsraelIndia/SAARC/Australia/ Far East & South East Asia2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each

 Travel to and from Australia & Far East – South East Asia:

Journey OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive Class
IndiaAustralia30 Kg40 Kg
IndiaTokyo/Osaka2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32Kgs Each
IndiaShanghai20 Kg30 Kg
IndiaSeoul2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32Kgs Each
IndiaHongkong30 Kg40 Kg
IndiaSingapore30 Kg40 Kg
IndiaBangkok30 Kg40 Kg
KolkataBangkok40 Kg40 Kg
AustraliaIndia30 Kg40 Kg
Tokyo/OsakaIndia2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each
ShanghaiIndia20 Kg30 Kg
SeoulIndia2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each
HongkongIndia30 Kg40 Kg
SingaporeIndia30 Kg40 Kg
BangkokIndia30 Kg40 Kg
BangkokIndia40 Kg40 Kg
SeoulHongkong25 Kg40 Kg
OsakaHongkong20 Kg30 Kg
HongkongSeoul/Osaka30 Kg40 Kg
Tokyo/ OsakaEurope/UK/Tel Aviv/ USA/Middle East and Gulf/ SAARC2PC/23 Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each
Australia/ Far East- South East AsiaEurope/ UK/TelAviv2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each
Sydney/MelbourneMiddle East and Gulf/SAARC30 Kg40 Kg
Australia/ Far east South East AsiaNewYork/Chicago/ SanFrancisco/
2PC/23Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each
Australia/Hongkong/ Seoul/ Singapore/ BangkokMiddle East and Gulf /SAARC30 Kg40 Kg
ShanghaiMiddle East and Gulf/SAARC20 Kg30 Kg

Travel to and from Africa:

Journey OriginDestinationEconomy ClassExecutive Class
IndiaNairobi2PC/23 Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each
NairobiIndia2PC/23 Kgs Each2PC/32 Kgs Each

Of course, its very important to keep you updated now and then regarding the allowances and other information. Also be aware of the items allowable and subject to restrictions in any type your baggage. As for sure, you cannot surpass screening at the airport. Not only that, the passengers travelling to other nations should also be aware of local laws. Special baggage procedures and reservations, travelling with infants and pets, to repeat passengers travelling in code share flights should know all the information on baggage allowance and other guidelines too.

Please refer to Air India website for International Checked Baggage Allowance

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