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Air India Hand or Carry- On Luggage Allowance

What is the Air India hand baggage allowance? Learn more about Air India carry on luggage allowance limit,  restricted itemsOversized baggage, and extra baggage fees.

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Air India cabin (Hand) Luggage:

The cabin baggage allowance that is applicable for carriage on all Air India (AI) fleet is as given below for both Domestic and International travel.

Air India carry on bag dimensions:

Height 55 cms (22 inches) + Length 35 cms (14 inches) + Width 25 cms (10 inches) for Boeing & Airbus aircraft – Total of Dimensions 115 cms

The number of Pieces / Weight:

As per the carry on policy, permission given for only one piece of hand baggage having a maximum weight of 8 Kg.


Air India Cabin Baggage Allowance

Children can avail the same cabin baggage allowance as adults and infant, accompanies an adult, with a stroller. This may be carried in the cabin if space is available, or else as checked baggage.

Together with one cabin baggage, passenger can carry on the following personal item, subject to Security Regulations:

  • A passenger can take a Lady’s hand bag.
  • He/ She can also have an overcoat or wrap.
  • Either a rug or a blanket can also count in to hand baggage.
  • It can be a camera or binoculars too.
  • May include reasonable amount of reading material for the flight.
  • When an infant travels with you, the must remembers are the food for infant and carrying baskets to mark the comfort of both parents and baby.
  • A Collapsible wheelchair or pair of crutches or braces for passenger’s use, if dependent on these.
  • A Walking stick can also accompany, if you need them.
  • An umbrella (Folding type)
  • Medicines like asthma inhaler,etc.
  • A Laptop.

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